What Features Should a Wet Bar Have?

What Features Should a Wet Bar Have?

You’ve always wanted to have your own wet bar at home. Now, you finally have the space to do it, and you’re ready to make that dream come true. But where do you start? There are so many options out there, but how do you know what you really need to have? From drink shakers to shot dispensers, you can get dizzy just looking at it all before you ever have a sip! Don’t worry; you don’t need to have every possible bar toy out there, but there are a few wet bar features that you will definitely want to have from the start. Here’s our list:

9 Must-Have Wet Bar Features

It’s easy and sometimes fun to get carried away accessorizing your new wet bar. But, before you go hog wild with every possible feature imaginable, take a few minutes to consider the essential features you’ll want to have from day one. Here are nine must-have wet bar features you’ll want to include in your home bar design:

1.     Running Water

Every wet bar must have a sink with running water. It’s what sets it apart from a dry bar. It gives your bar a bit of independence as you can clean up without having to take used glasses and dishes to the kitchen.

2.     Refrigeration

You’ll need a spot to keep beverages cool, whether that means beer or mixers. Why not a cooler? Because your wet bar is meant to be a permanent fixture, not a pop-up shop. You’ll want a refrigerator or at least a mini-fridge to help you out.

3.     Glassware

If you’re going to have drinks, you need something to drink from, right? Stock an assortment of glassware, including wine glasses, martini and margarita glasses, rocks glasses, and anything else you may want to use.

4.     Storage

Make sure you set aside some space for storage. You don’t want to have to keep your glassware and other items in the kitchen. You’ll want your wet bar to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

5.     Bar Tools

Think of the tools you’ll need—like an ice chipper, cocktail shaker, stirrer, and more. These are easy to find in full sets.

6.     Counter Space

A bartender needs a little room to work, so having adequate counter space is essential. You may not need a lot of space, but make sure you incorporate enough to get the job done.

7.     Ice Maker

Again, you won’t want to have to rely on the kitchen for anything if you can help it. Having an icemaker handy will make it easy to whip up your favorite cocktails.

8.     Liquor

There’s no point in having a wet bar at home if you don’t keep it stocked with your favorite beverages, right? Go beyond your staples and include a wide variety for when guests come over. Consider the money you’ll be saving by not going out as much, and feel free to go for the mid- or top-shelf brands you really want.

9.     Seating

You have everything you need to make great drinks; now all you need are a few spots for you and your friends to take a load off and relax. Consider the type of seating you’re used to at your favorite bar. You can go with bar stools, comfy chairs, or couches. It’s your bar and your time; relax how you see fit.

Tune Up Your Imagination

Setting up a wet bar is an endeavor meant to create lasting fun and relaxation. To do it right, you need to know the must-have wet bar features you’ll want right from the start. Beyond that, you can accessorize and improve your wet bar as you see fit. Invite your pals over, pour some drinks, and let your imaginations run wild!

Are you looking to add a wet bar to your home but don’t know where to start? Contact AlliKristé today, and we can work with you to custom design a wet bar that will become your new favorite place to relax!