What Causes Finish Discoloration on Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchens and messes go together like peanut butter and jelly—another sticky kitchen concoction your home has surely seen. Cabinet discoloration is one of the biggest offenders, occurring right under your nose until layer upon layer of grease and food muck subtly change the color of your once vibrant cabinets. While this is easy to spot on white cabinets, discoloration can affect kitchen cabinets of every shade, shape, and size. Read on to learn what causes these stains and how you can remedy the situation, transforming your Sarasota, FL, kitchen into the room it used to be.


Depending on the location of your kitchen cabinets, stains can occur in different ways and at different paces. For example, cabinets above the stovetop or near appliances that release a lot of food residue (like a pressure cooker) can be affected by grease splatters. The natural oils from your hands can also discolor cabinet doors that hold popular cooking utensils and appliances. The best way to avoid permanent stains and stubborn buildup is to wipe down your cabinet doors after cooking a greasy meal.

Moisture & Heat

Spills and steam can both discolor cabinets over the years. To avoid these damages, try to turn on vent fans when boiling water and position appliances that release steam, such as coffee pots, away from cabinets.

After cooking a hearty meal, the absolute last thing you want to think about is wiping down all of the cabinets in your home. If there are stubborn stains on your dated kitchen cabinets, do yourself a favor and invest in new, custom cabinets. Designed to complement your aesthetic preferences, these beautiful upgrades are sure to transform your kitchen into the spic-and-span place you’ve been dreaming about. At AlliKristé, we’ve helped countless homeowners throughout Sarasota, FL, upgrade their homes with outstanding cabinetry that offers superior beauty and functionality. Learn more about our products and services by contacting us today!