What Are the Different Types of Wall Cabinets?

Cabinets are available in a virtually endless variety of colors, designs, styles, and configurations. So, when the time comes to invest in new cabinetry for your home, the real question becomes: which type of cabinet should you purchase? If you’re in need of cabinets that will maximize the storage space of your Tampa home, wall cabinets are your best bet. Upper, or wall-mounted, cabinets are mainly used to contrast base cabinets and can enhance the stylistic quality of virtually any room in your home. This article delves further into the many uses and trending designs for wall cabinets, helping you master the task of choosing the best cabinets for every room in your home.

What Are Wall Cabinets?

Before we venture too far into the world of wall cabinets for your home, let’s start with the basics. So what are wall cabinets? The short answer: Wall cabinets describe the top cabinetry in your home. They are typically suspended above a counter space or lower, base cabinets. These cabinets typically look exactly like base cabinets, apart from the fact that they never include drawers.

Popular Uses for Wall Cabinets

Most standard wall cabinets offer plenty of storage without taking up valuable floor space or interfering with the overall aesthetic of a room. They are exceptionally convenient for stowing away clutter and necessary, yet disorganized, belongings that need a place to secretly live. While wall cabinets are stereotypically found in kitchens, tucked safely away in the height of your walls, you may be surprised to know that can they can also serve as a valuable feature in almost any room of your home. Some of the popular uses for wall cabinets in rooms around your home include:


Both family and master bathrooms can benefit from the additional storage space provided by wall cabinets. Used directly above the sink or vanity, they can add attractive upper-level storage for all of your bathroom necessities. Say goodbye to crowded living!

Laundry Rooms

Washers and dryers can take up a lot of ground space in your laundry room. Wall cabinets can help make up for the lost storage space, as they are often installed directly over large appliances and can conceal a variety of things, including detergents, towels, and irons.

Entertainment Centers

Family rooms and other shared living areas can utilize wall cabinets as entertainment centers. These can feature custom elements such as added shelving for books and DVDs, or concealed storage for electronics.

Home Offices

You can transform your office into an efficient workroom with wall cabinets, as they will keep all of your distracting documents out of sight and off your mind.


Wall cabinets can be as unique as the kitchens that they occupy. They provide an incredible amount of storage for all of your cooking tools and tableware. Plus, they can be used to renovate your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, as they are often one of the most noticeable features of the room.

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