What to Look for in High-End Wall Cabinet Designs for Your Tampa, FL, Home

High-end wall cabinet designs are the premium result of unique styling, unbeatable materials, and superb workmanship. To ensure that you’re investing in custom cabinetry for your Tampa home that truly provides these qualities, this article reviews the key elements you should look for in high-end designs.


Material is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a high-quality wall cabinet design. While solid wood is the preferred option, plywood is second to best and often available at a more reasonable price point. Furniture-grade plywood performs comparably to solid wood, is extremely durable, and is designed to provide lasting function.

An Experienced Design & Installation Team

Another element that will help assure you of the quality of your cabinets, is your source. It’s essential that you find a reliable cabinet designer and installer that has decades of experience in crafting high-end cabinetry. Not only will this ensure that you receive personalized services and expert craftsmanship, but it will also provide you with a professional resource that can help guide you through the design and construction process.

AlliKristé is one of these reliable wall cabinet designers and installers. Since 1996, we have successfully helped homeowners in Tampa achieve their cabinet goals with custom products that complement their exact preferences. To learn more about our personalized services and design process, contact AlliKristé today; you won’t be disappointed!