What Are the Key Design Elements of Traditional Kitchen Cabinets?

Traditionally designed kitchens are widely coveted for their warm and homey charm. By strategically mixing and matching warm-neutral colors and textures, you can have the traditional kitchen of your dreams. To ensure that your traditional kitchen has cabinets that work with your Sarasota home’s design scheme, follow these tips and tricks.

Don’t Confuse Traditional Designs with Rustic or Old-World Designs  

Traditional kitchen cabinets are usually designed to incorporate soft or muted colors such as taupe, light gray or green, and cream or white. The main goal of traditional designs is to bring the outdoors in, and you’ll often find motifs of nature within the overarching pattern. Keeping the color scheme of your cabinets warm and natural will help you accomplish this look. Rustic or Old-World kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, often feature robust and classic architectural designs.

Select & Preserve Natural Materials

The timeless elegance that is associated with traditional kitchen designs is often showcased in cabinetry. Natural woodgrains, detailed framework, and unique hardware are all popular elements of traditional kitchen cabinets. So, try to avoid incorporating any materials that are made of lacquer, veneer, or laminate; the more natural the materials, the better.

Most importantly, make your cabinetry unique! Traditional designs don’t follow a strict design formula, giving you the freedom to mix and match your favorite textures. If you’re ready to incorporate traditional kitchen cabinets into your Sarasota home, turn to the design and installation experts at AlliKristé. Every part of our custom cabinet design process is handled by an expert, ensuring you receive a design that truly represents your personal style. Contact us today to learn more about our custom-made products and unbeatable services.