Top Cabinet Design Trends for Your kitchen

The rooms of your home in St. Petersburg, FL, tell a story. From the color of your living room walls to the art gallery by the staircase that showcases images of loved ones and friends, all of these carefully chosen design elements help express your personality and lifestyle. When it comes to your kitchen, cabinetry is the essential motif of the space. Rather than settling for run-of-the-mill cabinets from your local home improvement store, invest in custom cabinetry that will continue to tell the story of your home. Here are some of the top cabinet design trends that can help you maximize your kitchen’s available storage space without sacrificing style or your aesthetic preferences.

Open Shelving Concepts

Opting for open shelves can create an illusion of more space in small kitchens. It provides you the perfect opportunity to showcase fine china, your coffee mug collection, or your library of cookbooks—all elements that help you put your personal touch on the kitchen’s design.

Natural Wood

Wood cabinets can provide your kitchen with timeless beauty and style. They can be stained with a number of finishes and feature unique woodgrains that offer warm undertones and textures to the space. This natural option will add dimension to your kitchen, enhancing nearly any existing architectural theme.

Clean, Minimalistic Aesthetics

This modern kitchen cabinet trend features a seamless and sleek design. Often crafted from veneer or painted medium-density fiberboard (MDF) these cabinets have minimal grooving and hardware as well as expansive storage space.

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