What Does it Cost to Remodel Your Tampa, FL, Kitchen Using Custom Cabinets?

What is your biggest complaint about your kitchen? For the majority of homeowners in Tampa, Florida, it’s lack of storage. While you may think that the one and only solution to lack of kitchen storage is a full-scale remodel, there is a simpler option. Any guesses? Consider investing in custom cabinets. This solution is a guaranteed way to increase the storage space and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. There are a ton of cabinet upgrades to choose from when remodeling your cooking space. And custom cabinets are among the most popular, as they’re designed to complement your specific preferences. But what’s the cost of this kitchen upgrade?

While the cost of remodeling your kitchen with custom cabinets is usually higher than comparable options, you’ll have the additional power to choose from high-quality materials, finishes, and other distinguishing features for a look that works best for your home, personal taste, and budget. The following tips will help you manage this budget for custom kitchen cabinets that you’ll love for years to come.

Determine Your Overall Goal

Are you revamping your existing cabinets to improve the appearance of your kitchen? Or, do you need to increase the storage in your cooking space? Custom kitchen cabinets can benefit both of these goals, but determining the primary function of your new cabinets can help you budget for elements that best suit your overall objective.

Consider Features and Add-ons

Custom kitchen cabinets have limitless features and add-ons. These can minimize the need for additional storage options but are often overused and can exponentially rack up the cost of your cabinet remodel. If you plan to invest in these features, make sure you find an adequate use for them, and plan your budget accordingly. Some beneficial add-ons include:

  • Lazy Susans
  • Pull-out spice racks
  • Pantry cabinets

Start Small

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with starting small. In fact, one of the best places to begin incorporating custom kitchen cabinets is in the pantry. While this space may at first seem unnecessary to upgrade, incorporating custom cabinets in your pantry can have amazing storage benefits.

Partner With a Professional Company

Hiring a professional for your custom kitchen cabinet remodel will help ensure that your project stays on track and on budget. Make sure you do your research before hiring just any home improvement company. Not only should the experts you hire have experience in custom cabinet design and installation, but they should also provide design guidance from professionals who understand the fundaments of custom design and trends.

If high-end, custom kitchen cabinets sound like something you are ready to implement in your Tampa, FL, home, contact the experts at AlliKristé today. We are one of the most tenured cabinet remodeling companies in the community and are wholly prepared to help you achieve your goals.