The Basics of Contemporary Kitchen Design for Your Tampa, FL, Home

Contemporary kitchens are all the rage and among the most popular designs for homes in and around the Tampa area. They provide the best of both worlds, combining the high-functionality and streamlined look of modern art with traditional, homey charm. Before you begin your project transformation, here are some basics to consider for a contemporary kitchen design:

Monochromatic & Minimalistic

Sleekness and minimalism are the core design elements of a contemporary kitchen. These basics work together to enhance your cooking space, showcasing a seamless aesthetic that’s linear and clean. You can begin to achieve a contemporary look simply by decluttering your kitchen, adding modern lighting, or by breathing life into dated fixtures by opting for natural textures and finishes.

Custom Cabinetry

Investing in custom cabinets is another way you can transform your kitchen into a contemporary design. Kitchens, in general, utilize cabinets to their advantage and are often the most predominant feature in the room. Contemporary kitchens feature cabinetry that prioritizes function over ornamentation and is usually designed without frames or furrows. In short, the goal of these cabinets is to maximize storage space without congesting your cooking space.

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