What Are the Characteristics of High-Quality Custom Cabinetry?

Investing in custom cabinetry affords you the opportunity to create a design that truly reflects your own personal style. But, what characteristics make custom cabinetry high quality? The following explores the answer to this question, providing you with a list of elements to look for to ensure you’re receiving new cabinets that are crafted from premium materials and installed in your Sarasota home by experienced professionals.


High-quality custom cabinetry is often crafted from premium materials that boast exceptional beauty and durability. While exploring your material options, look for premium, thicker materials such as:

  • Solid wood – a timeless and luxurious option
  • Furniture-grade plywood – a strong material that employs several layers of wood piles or veneers for extra stability
  • Particleboard – a durable material covered in melamine, wood, veneer, or vinyl laminate

Additionally, look for designs that incorporate large reinforcing features that can secure the framework of your new cabinets and increase its durability. 

Experienced & Award-Winning Design Specialists

In addition to materials, you’ll also want to consider who will install your new cabinets. Sorting through local, custom cabinet designers can be a big job. To help simplify this process, look for designers that boast:

  • Years of experience
  • Third-party accolades and ratings
  • Professional installations
  • A team of design specialists

AlliKristé is a family-owned and -operated custom cabinet designer and installer that has served homeowners in the Sarasota area since 1996. With decades of experience to our name, professional design specialists, and flawless installation services, we are self-acclaimed custom cabinetry masters. We’ve even won an Aurora Best in the Class award for our premium cabinet designs.

To learn more about our custom cabinetry designs and installation services for your Sarasota home, contact AlliKristé today.