What’s the Latest Cabinet Design Trend for Small Room Remodels?

Minimalistic living is a growing lifestyle trend for 21st-century homeowners, especially for those residing in tiny spaces. One of the best ways to achieve this organized lifestyle is by maximizing the storage space of your residence with new cabinetry. Recent cabinet design trends can challenge space logistics in any smaller-than-average room, helping residents organize their lives despite confining dimensions. Read on to learn about the latest cabinet design trends for your Tampa home!

Bright Cabinet Colors

White is an ideal color for cabinetry in small rooms because it’s the ultimate neutral. This color choice can brighten virtually any room, creating the illusion of a bigger space. This popular cabinet design trend is timeless and can also be modernized with accent colors that showcase your unique personality.

Levitating Cabinetry

Floating cabinetry is another popular cabinet design trend found in homes with limited room. By leaving the floor area open, this unique cabinet construction produces an optical illusion that leaves rooms looking spacious.

Custom-Built Cabinets

Designing cabinets for small spaces forces the mind to find innovative ways to utilize every nook and cranny of a room. For this reason, investing in custom-built cabinetry can greatly enhance your storage options and allow you to incorporate a design that truly reflects your personal aesthetic. At AlliKristé, we specialize in designing and installing high-end, custom cabinets for homeowners in the Tampa area. We create beautiful cabinetry based on your unique lifestyle and will extensively listen to your preferences to produce a cabinet design that can maximize the use of any room in your home.

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