Popular Custom Cabinet Designs for Your New Kitchen

Finding kitchen cabinets for your new or existing home in Sarasota, FL, can be a tiring task; with so many styles, finishes, and materials to choose from, where should you begin? Rather than scouring the nearest home improvement store for stock cabinets that limit your kitchen’s design potential, opt for custom cabinets from a specialist like AlliKristé. With design guidance from an expert and endless creative opportunities, you can create custom cabinets that meet your every need: organizational, functional, and aesthetical.

Here are some popular custom cabinet designs for your kitchen:


Traditional cabinet designs are timeless and ideal for homeowners who want a natural color palette for their kitchens. A popular cabinet style for this design is the shaker cabinet. This style has been around for centuries and showcases minimalistic paneling, natural woodgrains, and warm tones.


Contemporary cabinetry has become a trend in American homes. With these cabinets, simplicity is everything. Typically designed from manmade materials, such as vinyl and embossed composites, these cabinets focus on providing maximum storage without gaudy detailing.


Transitional cabinets provide the best of both worlds: traditional and contemporary. These kitchen cabinets favor the warmth of the traditional style and the simplicity of contemporary style, offering you a design that is clean and welcoming.

If you’re ready to implement custom kitchen cabinets at your home in Sarasota, FL, contact AlliKristé today! We are the high-end, custom cabinet specialists and installers trusted by homeowners throughout the area, and we are wholly prepared to help you create the cabinetry of your dreams.