Popular Alternatives to Traditional Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Open kitchen plans have quickly become one of the most sought-after trends for homes in the Tampa, FL, area. This design allows more room for windows, and an overall lighter and airier kitchen – a concept that traditionally designed kitchens often fail to accomplish. One of the most popular ways this design can be implemented into your kitchen is by steering away from the cabinets you find at the big-box store, choosing instead alternative storage solutions such as floating shelves. Here are some more alternatives to traditional upper kitchen cabinets:


Long, continuous ledges – or shelves – are a sleek and modern storage option that can make your kitchen look and feel spacious. An ideal alternative to upper cabinets, these units can showcase your unique dishware, cookbooks, and larger appliances without taking away from your kitchen’s storage space and aesthetic appeal.

Hanging Bars

This industrial-looking alternative is perfect for hanging utensils, pans, and supplies. Not only is this option great for easy access to your most-used cookware, but it’s also an affordable choice.

Open-Boxed Cabinets

A fun twist on traditional box-store cabinets, this cabinet option can be configured in a variety of ways and provides storage space both in and on top of the unit.

Custom Cabinetry

To ensure that you achieve the ideal look and functionality for your kitchen, custom cabinets are the way to go. Crafted to perfectly align with your design concept, they will seamlessly mesh with the dimensions of your kitchen while maximizing the use of the space. The custom cabinet design and installation experts at AlliKristé can help you accomplish whatever look you want for the kitchen in your Tampa home. With years of experience in the industry and teams of highly trained technicians and professional designers, we are the family-owned company that you can trust for all of your cabinet needs. Contact us today to learn more!