How to Design Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Imagine the sweet, charred smell of BBQ on a hot summer’s day. Now, imagine enjoying that smell while lounging in your outdoor kitchen space. Pretty fantastic, right? Many Tampa homeowners actively enjoy the warm seasons by grilling up their favorite dishes, and you can too with an outdoor kitchen that is customized to complement your home’s architectural layout. If you’re ready to jump onboard the outdoor kitchen trend, cabinets and storage are the first things to consider.

Finding Materials

When it comes to finding and choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen cabinets, you’ll quickly learn that the options are limitless. If you start to get overwhelmed, don’t fret, just start with the basics! The most important question you’ll want to ask yourself while reviewing materials is this: “What material best stands up to the outdoor elements?” Here are some materials that boast exceptional water-resistant properties, ideal for an outdoor product:

  • Polymer – Easy to clean and often features UV resistant components
  • Teak – Traditional, classic material that can be sealed with a waterproof finish
  • Stainless steel – Durable, weatherproof, and available in contemporary finishes

Stainless steel materials are by far the trendiest cabinet design for outdoor kitchens, as they are incredibly sturdy and wear well in the outdoor environment. However, as you design your cabinets, you’ll also want to consider the space and location. If you’re planning to install your cabinets in direct sunlight, utilize durable materials. Whereas, if you’re installing your cabinets under the roof line, you might be able to get away with other material types.

Whatever you choose, investing in custom cabinets can significantly help you in creating an outdoor kitchen that perfectly suits your envisioned design and aesthetic preferences. At AlliKristé, we specialize in designing and installing custom cabinetry and are more than happy to help you create the outdoor kitchen cabinets of your dreams.

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