What Makes a Kitchen Contemporary and How Can You Implement Those Features into Your Naples, FL, Home?

A contemporary kitchen follows a simple monochrome color scheme, is often designed with clean lines, and is clutter free. With these elements in mind, you can transform your Naples kitchen into the modern room of your dreams. The following expands on these features, helping you better acquaint yourself with this streamlined and effortless design for a cooking space that incorporates traditional comfort with sleek embellishments.

The Art of Subtle Contrasts

Contemporary designs master the art of subtle contrasts. An easy way to find the perfect balance of contrasts for your contemporary kitchen is to follow the 60-30-10 rule for colors, where 60 percent of your space is one dominant color; 30 percent is a secondary color; 10 percent is an accent color.

Decluttering Your Space

Modernist’s favor clean lines and take a minimalistic approach when it comes to décor. Custom cabinetry is the ideal way to achieve this contemporary look, as it’s engineered to make good use of the space available while keeping your aesthetic preferences in mind. These cabinets can also be fitted with special shelving or additional compartments for optimal organization.

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