What Are the Characteristics of Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs?

Modern kitchens boast captivating design qualities that tend to drift away from traditional elements, instead showcasing contemporary motifs that favor a simple and streamlined layout. These simple designs lack unnecessary ornamentation, featuring neutral colors and streamlined profiles that focus on the overall form and function of the cabinetry over its looks. This style, in effect, can transform your space with a bold design. This article goes more in-depth on common characteristics associated with modern kitchen cabinets for your Sarasota home, helping you convert your kitchen into a modern space.


The sheer simplicity of modern kitchen cabinets can create a more spacious and airier atmosphere. To achieve this, look for cabinets that are void of gaudy embellishments and raised edges for a smooth surface. These contemporary kitchen cabinets often favor Scandinavian designs where cabinets are crafted to blend into the walls of the room seamlessly. These cabinets also have loads of storage space so that you have plenty of room for all of your cooking equipment and dishware—helping you keep your countertops clean and clear, another important aspect of a modern kitchen.

Flat Surfaces & Geometric Forms

Modern kitchen cabinets can also be characterized by their angular and geometric forms. Bold angles and sharp curves showcase up-to-date fixtures, appliances, and other components for an expensive and sophisticated appearance. To achieve this, opt for man-made materials rather than natural grains—these can include metal, glass, fiberglass, wood veneer, and plastic laminate. The glossy or matte finishes of these surfaces help again to streamline the appearance of the space, keeping the focus on the vibe of the room over showcasing its furniture. Remember that the main directive of these cabinet designs is to help you keep a tidy space!

Neutrals & Contrasts

When it comes to the color of your modern kitchen cabinets, stick with neutrals. While this may seem bland, when contrasted, these colors can do wonders for the space—making a bold statement that can have just as much, if not more, impact than bright colors. For example, try mixing black cabinetry with white walls or lighter countertops to draw the eye.

Turn to AlliKristé for Custom Cabinetry

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