Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinetry for Your Home in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Sarasota

Selecting the right kitchen cabinetry for your home is important to both the look and functionality of your kitchen. Cabinets can come in a tremendous variety of styles and with many functional options, so it may be a daunting proposition to be able to find the ideal cabinets for your house. However, you can simplify the process of finding the right cabinets by asking yourself a few simple questions before you begin your search:

  1. What is my intended budget? Plan an overall budget for your kitchen renovation, and leave a significant portion of that for your new cabinets. Itemize every item in your budget before you begin to worry about your kitchen cabinetry. After all, the amount you are able to spend on the rest of your kitchen will affect the kind of cabinets you can purchase later on.

  2. What can I keep? Carefully inspect your kitchen and take the time to analyze what elements need the most change. Are there parts of your current cabinet setup that you would like to keep? How about the organization of your kitchen? Are you going to overhaul the entire space? All of these considerations can drastically affect the amount of money you will spend and the kind of cabinets you will want to acquire. If you are keeping some of your old cabinets, you will want to pick new cabinets that either match or complement them. Similarly, adding entirely new elements to your kitchen like an island will limit the amount of money you have to spend on cabinetry.

  3. Do I need more storage? If you are regularly short on storage in your kitchen, then new cabinets can serve an eminently functional purpose. Unless all of your needs are already taken care of, now is the perfect time to ensure that you will not have any storage shortages going forward.

  4. What look do I want? Remember to take time to determine what overall style you are pursuing. If your kitchen already has a defined style, or you know how you plan to remodel your kitchen, select cabinetry that conforms to that look. Plan ahead and know how much different styles of cabinets made of different kinds of wood cost so that you can accurately plan your budget.

  5. What do I need, and what do I want? Finally, ask yourself if the extra features you’ve always wanted are really necessary. If it would be absolutely inconvenient to live without special bins for dry goods, pull-out trashcans, or fold-out storage compartments, then you should add them to your kitchen cabinetry. However, if you are concerned that purchasing these custom cabinets may make it impossible to acquire other things for your upcoming remodel, then set them aside.

At AlliKristé, we have a huge selection of kitchen cabinets able to accommodate homes of all sizes in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, and many other communities throughout the state of Florida. To learn more about why our kitchen cabinetry may be the ideal choice for your home, contact us today.