5 Tips to Help You Select the Best Company to Perform your Kitchen Renovation

Committing to renovating your kitchen is a huge decision in the life of your home, and often involves many smaller decisions that can become difficult to manage. One of the most important of these decisions is selecting a company to perform the renovation process. While this decision is rarely clear-cut and simple, here are five guidelines that you can use when selecting the best company to perform your upcoming kitchen renovation:

  1. Look at References and Certifications – Once you have found a few likely candidates, take time to check their references and ask a few important questions. Do they complete their work on time? Do they have the proper licenses and insurance? Remember to look on their company’s website for customer testimonials, but try not to solely rely on their point of view. Independent customer review websites like Yelp or Angie’s List are a great resource, and many of them screen comments to prevent companies from giving themselves positive reviews. Also, check your local Better Business Bureau to see if the company in question is accredited and what sort of rating they have (any company at a B+ or above is generally a quality organization).

  2. Get an Estimate – Most reliable remodelers will take the time to visit your home in order to examine your kitchen and give you an estimate. Take notice of how professional and organized the representative of each remodeler is during this process. Additionally, ensure that the estimate or plan is fairly detailed. Vague estimates are often employed by less reputable companies to allow them to tack on hidden costs and fees later on.

  3. Be Flexible – Try to find a kitchen renovation company that can provide you with a huge range of design options and plans for your kitchen. By being fully aware of the many options available, you can not only help to create your dream kitchen, but you can mix and match these different functions to create a kitchen that is not only attractive but extremely functional.

  4. Ensure They Can Live Up to Promises – When hiring a kitchen renovation company, make sure that they have the necessary infrastructure to complete everything they have scheduled. If their crews are too small or they seem to be unable to handle multiple projects at once, they may experience delays and work slowdowns that could seriously throw off your timeframe and cause a serious long term inconvenience in your day to day life.

  5. Evaluate the Remodeler – Finally, determine if you like the kitchen remodeler that you settle on. Since some kitchen renovations can take as long as a month, so make sure that you are comfortable and feel safe around them. If you have any lingering doubts about their capabilities or trustworthiness, then keep looking.

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