Kitchen Remodeling Trends for Tampa, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Naples, Bradenton & Beyond

If you’re searching for a way to incorporate a little fun and drama into your kitchen’s décor, then look no further than some of today’s hottest kitchen remodeling trends. At AlliKristé, our design team is up to date on all the latest styles, colors, and accessories in the remodeling world so they can guide you on what’s “in”, whether you’re seeking a small update or a major kitchen overhaul.

The following are a few of the latest trends in kitchen remodeling for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Naples, Clearwater, Bradenton, throughout Florida, and beyond:

  • Artsy improvements—whether it’s your range hood or your cupboards, you can now add artistic touches to your kitchen. Are you bored with your ho-hum cabinetry? Replace the old doors with accent doors. Is your backsplash outdated? Create a mosaic with stainless tiles to add a personal touch, artistic touch.
  • Going green—although trendy, environmentally friendly products will soon become kitchen staples. An energy efficient dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand; using bamboo, cork, or scrap wood to build backsplashes preserves wood; and switching from a side-by-side refrigerator to a top and bottom model conserves energy.
  • Asian appeal—you can incorporate this kitchen remodeling trend by replacing your pantry doors with Japanese-style sliding doors, and adding drawer pulls that look like bamboo.
  • Built-ins—have high-end coffeemakers, professional ice machines, knife racks, or spice holders built into your kitchen. Not only do they look sleek, but these minor kitchen remodeling flourishes also add a convenient touch to your kitchen.

The only thing holding you back is your imagination. Contact AlliKristé today for a free kitchen remodeling consultation for your home in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Naples, Clearwater, or beyond. No matter your budget or the extent of your project, we look forward to hearing from you.