Kitchen Remodel Ideas—How Tampa, Jacksonville, Sarasota, and St Petersburg Area Residents Can Maximize their Small Kitchens

Do you have a small kitchen that lacks sufficient storage space and counter area? Are you frustrated with your lack of room, but don’t know where to turn? The kitchen remodel team at AlliKristé can help. Our qualified and innovative kitchen remodel designers know the latest tricks—as well as some tried and true techniques—that will make your tiny space not only beautiful, but also functional and enjoyable for your whole family.

The following are a few kitchen remodel tips for making the most your small space:

  • Define the space—if you want your kitchen to be used solely for cooking and eating, you should eliminate the unnecessary clutter that accumulates in this space. Remove any bills, homework assignments, or other items that find their way into your kitchen. This includes your junk drawer.

  • Simplify your counter space—don’t place all of your appliances on your counter if you have a limited amount of space available. Place the mixer you only use on occasion in a bottom cabinet, while keeping the essential coffee maker within reach. Consider what you use frequently when deciding what to store away or keep in view.

  • Add open cabinetry—open shelving can give your kitchen a more airy feel.

If you want to eliminate the bulk and improve the functionality of your kitchen, our talented kitchen remodel team is only a call away.

Please contact AlliKristé today for a free design consultation, or visit one of our showrooms in St Petersburg, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Bradenton, or Naples to learn more about our kitchen remodel services. No matter your budget or the extent of your project, we look forward to hearing from you.