How to Modernize Your Kitchen with Custom Cabinets

Your kitchen is, by far, one of the most used rooms in your home. Modernizing it with custom cabinets will not only improve its overall functionality but also make the space more aesthetically appealing. So, what are you waiting for? Here are some ways you can modernize your Sarasota home’s kitchen with custom cabinets.

Choose Cabinets with Crown Molding

Using crown molding to finish off your cabinets, where they meet the ceiling, can make a monumental difference in the prominence of your kitchen. The clean lines and small details afforded by crown molding will make the space look luxurious and polished, helping transform your kitchen into a more distinguished version of itself.

Hardware Can Make or Break Your Cabinets

While cabinet hardware might not seem like an important factor of your cabinetry, it’s actually an element that can significantly influence your cabinet’s design. The wrong cabinet handles and pulls can date your kitchen. For a more modern feel, opt for minimalistic, stainless steel handles or hidden pulls to streamline the look of your kitchen.

Opt for Neutral, Solid Colors

Modern and contemporary kitchens often feature cabinets that follow a neutral color palette—creams, woodgrains, greys, and taupes. Bright colors, such as white, can also make smaller kitchens appear larger, as the color reflects light throughout the space.

If you are considering implementing custom kitchen cabinets at your home in Sarasota, turn to the professionals at AlliKristé. With years of experience in the industry and teams of design specialists and trained installers, we can help you create and fit beautiful new cabinetry in your home. Contact us today to learn about our design process and installation service.