How to Design Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

“Traditional” interior designs generally encompass many styles, blending warm and classic tones with an English and French influence. Bringing the outdoors in by utilizing natural materials and neutral patterns, traditional kitchen styles allow you to mix and match elements to create a unique design that truly speaks to your preferences and personality. For this reason, traditional designs are open to interpretation and appeal to nearly all tastes. So, how do you implement this style into a kitchen? Start with the cabinets; here are some tips.

Create a Focal Point with Custom Cabinetry

Upgrading the cabinets in your kitchen can dramatically change the style of the room. For traditional kitchens, opt for upper cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling and a mix of lower cabinets and drawers. Since this kitchen style encourages a lived-in look, have fun with your design by mixing and matching cabinet sizes to suit your needs.

Avoid Streamlined Hardware

Instead of opting for cohesive cabinet hardware, take a trip to your local antique store for mixed-and-matched knobs, handles, and other hardware types for your cabinets. Choosing different designs, shapes, and colors for each door and cabinet will help you achieve a traditional design.

Stick to Natural Materials

Cabinets made out of lacquer, veneer, and laminates are associated with contemporary kitchen designs. For traditional cabinetry, invest in real wood and a custom design that showcases the artistry involved in crafting the cabinets.

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