How Can You Customize Your Cabinets with a Contemporary Flair?

Contemporary designs encompass the best of traditional styles and modern design, creating a look that’s welcoming and sleek. Characterized by contrasting dark woods and bright whites, the contemporary kitchen is a functional and artistic statement for your home in Sarasota. Read on to learn the key elements of this cabinetry design.


The streamlined appeal of contemporary kitchens comes from their minimalistic design. Cabinets should have a continuous, sleek profile with little to no hardware. They should also conceal most, if not all, appliances and cookware, helping to keep your counter and food-prep station clear of debris and clutter.

Contrasting Colors

Most contemporary kitchens feature dark wood cabinets and light countertops made from marble or granite. This contrast can also work with stainless-steel surfaces or brushed silver hardware. This mix of modern and natural materials creates a welcoming but sophisticated kitchen space that offers the best of both worlds.

Accent Details

While the look of this design is simple and chic, feel free to spice up the space with cookbooks and accent colors to bring some personality to the room. Hanging artwork over the upper cabinets, in the furr down area, is another way to add a fun focal point to your contemporary kitchen.

If you are ready to implement contemporary cabinets at your Sarasota home, contact AlliKristé today! We have the teams of design specialists and experienced technicians you need to ensure that your custom cabinets exceed your expectations.