Cabinet Hacks for Increasing Your Kitchen’s Storage Space

Drawers, closets, and cabinets are the ultimate junk collectors. Don’t kid yourself; somewhere in your Sarasota home, you are guilty of throwing random supplies in a drawer. It’s a challenge to stay organized, especially in a kitchen that is overflowing with equipment. Fortunately, you’ve just landed on a page full of cabinet hacks for your kitchen – helping you increase storage space and keep things in their place once and for all.

Assign Supplies to Specific Drawers

Deep cleaning your kitchen will help you sort and organize like items and toss duplicate items – no one needs five spatulas. Once you’ve taken inventory, assign every cabinet and drawer a purpose. For example, one drawer can hold utensils and another can hold baking equipment. While this chore could take up the better part of your weekend, by the end, your kitchen will be perfectly organized!

Hang Measuring Spoons & Cups Inside Your Cabinets

If you’re an avid baker, you already know the struggle of owning three different sets of measuring spoons and cups. Instead of tossing these tiny spoons and bulky cups into a drawer, consider hanging them in the in your cabinet. Toggles can be easily added to the cabinet doors to organize the equipment.

Add Rolling Shelves to Your Cabinets

The cabinets under your sink are often used for cleaning supplies and various kitchen necessities – picnic supplies, extra sponges, napkins, etc. Adding rolling shelves to these cabinets can help organize each category of item and make access to them a lot easier.

Utilize Every Inch of Wall Space with Custom Cabinets

Tiny kitchens need every inch of storage space that they can get. If you have a tiny kitchen, consider investing in custom cabinets. Measured and carefully crafted to fit the exact dimensions of your kitchen, custom cabinets ensure that every inch of useable space is being used for storage. Sound too good to be true? At AlliKristé, we can help you design custom cabinets that meet all of your organizational and aesthetic preferences.

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