How to Achieve a French Country Design for Your Kitchen Cabinets

French country kitchen designs can transport you to the South of France without ever having to step foot on a plane. In order to accomplish the crave-worthy appeal of a French country kitchen, your cabinets must capture certain characteristics that exude old-world charm. This article will help you pinpoint those design motifs, helping you transform your Sarasota kitchen into a rural escape.

Ornate Woodcarvings & Natural Woodgrains

French country kitchen cabinets showcase the natural beauty of wood with enhanced ornamentations that add an elegant, old-world charm. These motifs can include:

  • Decorative moldings
  • Furniture-like features
  • Intricate arches
  • Ornate woodcarvings
  • Delicate hardware made of antique metals like brass, bronze, and iron

These cabinets can also feature cream-based paints that are distressed or antiqued, creating a lived-in design that looks and feels welcoming.   

Custom Features

In order to truly replicate an authentic French country design, your cabinetry needs to be unique. The best way to accomplish this is by investing in custom cabinets. The subtle details and imperfections that are coveted in this design cannot be replicated by machinery and, therefore, need to bear the essence of quality carpentry.  

At AlliKristé, we have the means to help you truly capture the essence of French country cabinetry. We are custom-cabinet design specialists and installers, helping residents throughout Sarasota and other Florida cities create unique cabinetry for their homes. With decades of experience and a design process that’s handled by experts, we are the family-owned and -operated company you can trust to produce French country kitchen cabinets that fit your home perfectly and meet your high standards.

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