How Do You Evaluate Custom Wood Cabinets?

Custom wood cabinets are a substantial investment for your Sarasota home and one that will look and function beautifully for decades. To ensure that your investment is crafted with the utmost level of professionalism, you need to be able to assess and evaluate your new cabinetry with keen eyes. The following will help build your knowledgeability on the subject, providing you with tips and tricks to ensure your cabinets boast the very best components.

Inspect Cabinet Construction

Well-designed and -built custom wood cabinets usually feature solid wood face frames, drawer fronts, and center panels. This ensures exceptional durability and elegant beauty that will last for decades. They also tend to use dovetail joinery, rather than stapled particleboard, which is a professional woodworking technique that requires little to no mechanical fasteners.

Survey Beneficial Features

Custom cabinets afford you the opportunity to enhance what would be a traditional design with unique elements that benefit your lifestyle. This includes anything from built-in wine or spice racks, pullout trashcan space, and even a built-in charging station. Therefore, before you make any concrete decisions, discuss these practical features with your designers.

Researching the manufacturer, reviewing their previously completed projects, and consulting with your cabinet designers are all additional strategies you can implement as you evaluate custom wood cabinets for your home. A reliable custom cabinet designer and installer trusted by homeowners in the Sarasota area is AlliKristé. We’ve spent decades perfecting our craft and are committed to providing only the very best materials and designs, ensuring you receive cabinets that are built to your exact specifications.

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