How Can a Custom Cabinet Design Maximize the Storage Space in Your Small Kitchen?

Not all kitchens are designed the same, and odds are your space is radically different than the dream layout you spotted in the latest home improvement magazine. If you’re concerned that standard-size cabinets might not work for your small kitchen, custom cabinets are the ideal alternative. With a cabinet design that is specifically constructed for the small kitchen in your Tampa home, you can utilize the maximum amount of space available without sacrificing style. This article further explores how custom cabinets can help you maximize the storage space in your kitchen.

They Utilize Every Nook ‘N’ Cranny

You’d be surprised how much extra room you can acquire with strategically designed cabinetry. Take a moment to look around your existing kitchen; notice any open or unused space? All of that can be utilized with unique storage designs, including:

  • Slender, pull-out storage – great for organizing spices and oils
  • Hidden trash storage – can help you optimize space that would otherwise be used for an awkward trash bin
  • Pull-out cutting boards – a handy alternative for the narrow space above drawers
  • And more

They Artfully Organize

Not only are custom cabinets configured to your kitchen’s unique layout, but they also do so with style. For example, custom white cabinets can open up your small kitchen. Creating the allusion of openness, this cabinet style can fulfill two jobs at once by providing increased storage space and creating an aesthetic appeal that works for your needs.

If you’re ready to invest in custom cabinets, turn to the design experts at AlliKristé. Since 1996, we’ve worked diligently to perfect our high-end cabinet design services, and are wholly prepared to upgrade your small kitchen. To learn more about our design process and installation services for your Tampa home, contact AlliKristé today.