Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Remodeling

Every successful bath and kitchen remodeling project is a unique reflection of personal taste and lifestyle. Utilizing our relaxed principles of design, the experts at AlliKristé can work with you to discover new interpretations of classic kitchen and bathroom form and function.

  • Contemporary—Combining a modern design with sophistication and functionality, our contemporary kitchens and bathrooms are complete with cabinet doors and other details that are simple, streamlined, and understated. Why go out on the town when you can enjoy a sophisticated, hip, contemporary kitchen at home? A mixture of textures and colors, your kitchens and bathrooms can be bold!
  • Casual kitchens—A kitchen with a casual ambiance can be designed as a comfortable gathering place that reflects the “heart of the home.”
  • Small kitchens—We can help you radiate a casual formality and unique design in your small kitchen. Small kitchens can be elegant too!
  • Entertaining kitchens—We can design your kitchen for entertaining! Vaulted ceilings and two or more beautiful islands give you a feeling of spaciousness that’s perfect for the times you have company.
  • European kitchens—Inspired by the timeless furniture traditions of Europe, our spectacular kitchens and bathrooms blend multiple styles and artful details. Finishing Old World touches form lasting beauty. Recreate all the grandeur of Europe with gracefully curved millwork, a highly ornamented island, and a beautiful cooking hearth.
  • Kitchen hearth—If the kitchen is the core of the home, then the classic kitchen hearth would be its “epicenter”. Today’s kitchen hearth can be designed to erase the chill and satisfy the soul.
  • Wine room—An Allikristé custom wine room brings home memories of gorgeous vineyards and the relaxed informality of the wine country.

AlliKristé can show you elegant ways to break the rules of style! Our variety of custom kitchen, bath, and closet cabinetry guarantees flexibility in both style and budget.