Bathroom, Kitchen Remodeling for Tampa, Sarasota, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, FL & Beyond

If you’re searching for a bathroom and kitchen remodeling company that will handle everything, including the kitchen sink, look no further than AlliKristé. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop. As your designers and contractors, we will save you time andmoney. Plus, you will have a bigger role in remodeling your home. Our staff will take care of the design, finding all the materials you desire, such as custom cabinets and granite countertops, and either perform the installation or manage it. In addition, we will work with architects, engineers, city building officials and whomever else necessary to complete your kitchen and bathroom remodeling job quickly and efficiently.

The staff of our family-owned business has combined experience of more than 50 years, so you can rest assured your project will be executed beautifully and with no stress to you. When you choose AlliKristé, you can expect the following work process:

  • We will begin your bathroom, kitchen remodeling by paying a complimentary visit to your home. Our designer will listen to your needs and vision and evaluate them while discussing the functionality of the project. This will allow you and your designer to get a better grasp of what your ideal space will eventually look like. We will also discuss material options and your budget.
  • Once we’ve met with you, we will develop a design concept for you and provide you with a written, preliminary budget of what that design would entail.
  • When you agree upon the budget, we will execute a construction retainer. Plus, we will finalize the bathroom, kitchen remodeling design and the extent of your project.
  •  Next, we will draw up a contract detailing all your material selections and the work you want performed.
  • Once we receive all the necessary permits, we will then schedule your project. The production of your materials, as well as delivery schedules is taken into account.
  • During the construction process, we will handle it all. Whether it’s your project manager overseeing the construction, or your designer answering questions for you whenever you need, we have it covered.
  • Finally, we will conduct a walk-through of your bathroom and kitchen remodeling project to make sure everything has been done to your exact specifications and to our high quality standards. Photos will be taken.

Trust AlliKristé will perform the kitchen and bathroom remodeling service you’ve been dreaming of. We are fully licensed, insured, state certified and bonded, and our quality requirements are hard to meet. Visit our showrooms in Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Naples, or our satellite showrooms in Tampa, Largo, and Sarasota to see models of our work and get inspired. No matter your budget or the extent of your kitchen, bathroom remodeling project, we look forward to hearing from you.