Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Checklist for Jacksonville, Sarasota, and Tampa Homes

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably already have a number of kitchen remodeling ideas in mind. Now you just need to ensure you and your designer share the same vision.

Using a checklist before you meet with your designer can help you get the results you want by making sure your thoughts – and those of your family – are clearly conveyed to the designer.

Using the following checklist will help your AlliKristé kitchen designer obtain a better understanding of your Jacksonville, Sarasota, or Tampa kitchen remodeling project.

  • Collect any articles, photographs, or notes on kitchen remodeling ideas that have inspired you. Providing your designer with a scrapbook filled with pictures of kitchen design elements you like will help him or her determine which style might work best for you. Including measurements of your kitchen or even your home’s floor plan will also help.

  • Discuss with your family how everyone uses the kitchen, and take notes during this conversation. You’ll find some family members are thrilled by aesthetic details while others are more concerned about practical matters. Your designer can generally include kitchen remodeling ideas from all members of your household. From an exquisite wine chilling system to a family-friendly breakfast nook, designers can work miracles as long as they know what makes you happy.

  • Determine whether you’d like your kitchen to be more eco-friendly. From energy-saving appliances to recycled tile, AlliKristé designers can help you go green if you’d like. Read our article on kitchen remodel ideas for more inspiration.

  • Consider the homes you visit the most. Take note of the kitchen details you like and dislike. If possible, include relevant photographs of these homes in your design scrapbook.

  • Visit one of AlliKristé’s design centers in St. Petersburg, Sarasota, or Naples to view sample materials and display kitchens. Our showrooms will truly inspire you, possibly with kitchen design concepts you’ll immediately love but hadn’t even considered before.

We hope using this checklist will help you organize your kitchen remodeling ideas and better prepare you for a wonderful relationship with one of our master designers. We look forward to meeting you and helping you take your ideas out of the scrapbook and into your home.

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