What’s the Best Kind of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets?

What’s the Best Kind of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets?

What’s the Best Kind of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets?Kitchens should encourage mess, cooking experiments, and dare I say food fights? It’s the heart of your home, a place where family and friends gather year-round and last-minute school projects are finished. As the multi-purpose room of champs, your kitchen needs to be able to stand the test of time without sacrificing aesthetic charm. Wood kitchen cabinets offer so much in terms of aesthetic appeal, warming your home with its natural texture and/or finish. However, the thought of investing in custom, wood kitchen cabinets can be intimidating—especially knowing that your kitchen will see a fair share of failed food experiments and splatters. We’re here to remedy that fear by reviewing some of the best kinds of wood for kitchen cabinets, helping you benefit from your dream wood cabinets without the worry of future damage.

Perks of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

When you think of custom wood cabinets, what comes to mind? Elegance radiates off of these precision-crafted, traditional cabinets, making them a staple in most kitchens nationwide. Stained, painted, or kept natural, wood cabinets can also complement virtually any aesthetic preference. Before jumping on the wood kitchen cabinet bandwagon, however, it’s important to note that certain woods can warp easily in climates with high humidity and moisture—an environment that is very common in busy kitchens. So long as you source your kitchen cabinets from specialists who only offers wood cabinetry of the highest caliber that is finished on all sides, warping can be prevented—veneered cabinets offering the best long-lasting performance in high-humidity areas of your home.

With the aforementioned qualities of wood cabinets in mind, it’s time to sort through the trending hardwood for kitchen cabinets:


Hard oak wood is one of the most popular materials for kitchen cabinets, as it can be stained in a wide variety of finishes without camouflaging the strong graining pattern in the wood. What’s more, this wood is extremely durable and relatively affordable for kitchen cabinets.


Cherry wood is ideal for custom kitchen cabinets, as it is very easy to work with yet durable enough to withstand daily use and wear and tear. The warmth of this wood will add a contemporary appeal to your kitchen. What’s more, this wood will darken with age for an everlasting, unique appeal.


Maple is a hardwood that ranges in natural hue and features a fine grain. This is an extremely durable wood and a popular choice for many homeowners as it can be used in virtually any fashion and complements design elements well.

Custom Wood Cabinets Are Ideal

When it comes to finding the best wood for your kitchen cabinets, investing in custom cabinetry is the best way to go. Not only will sourcing custom cabinets from a specialist ensure that material used in crafting your cabinetry is top quality but it will also guarantee quality craftsmanship and carpentry. For Florida homeowners, AlliKristé is the leading choice for high-quality, custom kitchen cabinets. Available in a plethora of natural woods and configurations, well help you create beautiful, long-lasting cabinetry that is sure to boost the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen. 

To learn more about our custom wood kitchen cabinets for your home, reach out to AlliKristé today.