Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small Bathroom Storage IdeasThe one thing worse than a shared, cramped bathroom is a shared, cramped, and messy bathroom—talk about an argument waiting to happen. As one of the most-used rooms in your home and a space that hopefully plays a central role in your daily routines, the bathroom shouldn’t be a place of stress and mess, but one where you can enjoy some well-deserved R&R. This, however, can feel like an impossibility in small bathrooms where storage is nonexistent. Or is it? Fortunately, there are some genius ways in which you can incorporate storage into your small bathroom—creating the safe, clean haven that you’ve dreamed of escaping to after a long day.

Giving Everything a Home

Give yourself a few seconds to take a mental inventory of your bathroom supplies. As the list of items increases, so will your heart rate—but don’t panic about the potential mess! Giving everything a home—cleaning products, hair tools, beard grooming supplies, extra linens, etc.—is easier than you think and can make a space look put-together despite the overwhelming quantity of items. Let’s start with some pretty simple DIY bathroom storage ideas for that one, small bathroom that needs an immediate organization rehaul:

Floating Shelves

Making use of the vertical space in small rooms is an organization hack that you can easily implement in your bathroom via floating shelves. These shelving units typically favor minimalistic designs and neutral tones—such as whites, blacks, and woods—that can either blend in to the walls or act as a subtle contrast. Popular locations for floating shelves in a bathroom include above the toilet and over the door. These units offer the perfect storage solution for extra towels, toilet paper, cotton balls, air fresher, etc. To stylize your shelves and offer extra storage without the mess, try using small baskets.


Towel hooks make excellent use of the vertical space in your small bathroom without taking up too much space. From towels to mirrors, these small but mighty organization tools offer a ton of storage without taking up valuable counter space.

Lazy Susan Vanity Storage

Corralling all of your day-to-day bathroom essentials in one location either on your countertop or below your vanity will drastically clear some space for you. Keeping a clear counter in the bathroom will keep things feeling organized! Try using a lazy Susan in your vanity for easy access.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets for the Win

If DIY solutions are not cutting it and you’re officially ready to invest in long-term storage for your bathroom, consider installing a custom bathroom vanity. Available from the custom cabinetry experts at AlliKristé, these units are designed to fit the dimensions of your small bathroom perfectly—working to maximize the space of the room without sacrificing beauty or functionality. From material to style, shape, and color, you’ll have complete control over the design of your new bathroom cabinets.

For more space-saving tricks for your small bathroom, contact the pros at AlliKristé today.